Winterim at WSCA

Winterim at WSCA is a distinctive educational experience providing students with in-depth, experiential learning in a particular area of interest. Supplementing the annual two semesters of traditional education, Winterim adds to an excellent education at West Shore Christian Academy that is truly comprehensive and designed to assist students’ discernment of God’s overall plan and purpose for their lives. Students in grades 9-12 choose from experiences and trips that provide: 

  • Stimulating educational experiences beyond the classroom,
  • Service opportunities,
  • Opportunities for students’ to identify and develop their God given abilities, passions, and gifts for the sake of God’s glory.
  • Innovative approaches to teaching and learning including outdoor activities, professionals as guest faculty, and intentional partnership with local churches.

This 10 day experiential learning program is held the first two weeks in January, between the first and second semester. It is required for graduation and will appear on a student’s transcript. Winterim aligns itself with WSCA core values by offering courses that will cover a wide range of interests; from mission projects and cultural/curricular extensions to leadership development and career exploration. WSCA is committed to providing a range of costs and experiences for students. Most Winterim courses are offered at no additional cost to parents and students, though some courses will require necessary fees for things such as supplies, travel, etc.

Students who miss Winterim for any reason will be required to make up the credit hours by completing a standard Winterim course developed for this purpose. Students are required to do ONE of the following during Winterim:

  • Take a 3 hour morning course and a 3 hour afternoon course
  • Take a 6 hour all day course which could include being on or off campus for both weeks or part of both weeks
  • Go on an offered 10 day trip
  • Choose an Internship opportunity (this only available to juniors and seniors)

Check out our Winter FAQ sheet to learn more about this incredible opportunity for our students!



The Philadelphia Project

Costa Rica

Download the 2017 Course Selection Guide

West Shore Christian Academy offers both on-campus and off-campus Winterim courses. Students can choose from two 3-hour courses (AM & PM) or one 6-hour course. All morning and afternoon courses receive one quarter of a semester credit (.25) while full day courses receive a half-semester credit (.5). Each student is required to earn .5 credit in Winterim per year as a graduation requirement (total 2 credits). In some circumstances, Winterim courses may count toward fulfilling general graduation requirements. In these cases, students are still required to carry the minimum credit load for both 1st and 2nd semesters.

  • AM Courses (3 hours per day 8:15 to 11:15 each day) = 0.25 credits (30 classroom hours)
  • PM Courses (3 hours per day 12:00 to 3:00 each day) = 0.25 credits (30 classroom hours)
  • All Day Courses (6 hours per day) = 0.50 credits (60 classroom hours)

Juniors and seniors can choose to do a two week internship in lieu of a course or trip. Internships scheduled during Winterim are a unique opportunity for juniors and seniors to observe and experience a working professional’s life for two weeks. This experience in the world of adult realities allows them to see the joys and challenges faced by professionals in their respective fields. These experiences can aid in major decisions the students are currently facing and more importantly in the discovery of how God has uniquely equipped them. The WSCA community has great potential for developing internships. Students will have the opportunity to pull from a network of internship positions WSCA offers or secure their own internships through personal contacts.

2017 Winterim Internship Application