Student Government

The fundamental objectives of the Student Government of WSCA are to:

  1. Serve and glorify our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
  2. Serve the school administration and student body
  3. Develop leadership characteristics and skills for future service

The Student Government Executive Committee includes the Upper School Principal, a faculty advisor and the following senior class representatives: President, Secretary, Social Committee Chairperson, Spiritual Committee Chairperson.

Additionaly, two representatives from each class will be elected to either the Social Activities Committee or the Spiritual Life Committee. A breakdown of each committee's responsibilities can be found below.

Social Activities Committee

Spiritual Life Committee

School social activities Devotions
Class specific projects Chapels (tear down & set up)
School life activities Spiritual Emphasis Week
Homecoming plans Spiritual portion of retreats
Jr/Sr Banquet plans Student outreach and service opportunities