Welcome to the Upper School

Welcome to WSCA!

At WSCA, we recognize that by providing our students with a strong academic foundation and equipping them with Biblical discernment, we are investing in our future. Our mission is to educate students who will impact the world through a Christian worldview. We accomplish this by addressing the social, academic, and spiritual needs of every student.

Our Upper School division includes students in the 6th – 12th grade levels. We offer a challenging curriculum, including classes for college prep, honors’ and advanced placement students. In addition, students can choose from an array of elective offerings, including chorus, band, yearbook, video production, website design, creative writing, and many others.

Outside of the classroom, students interact with the community through various sports programs, academic competitions, and outreach ministries. It is our hope that by challenging students to develop their spiritual gifts they will develop a foundation for Christ-centered living.

A word from the principal:

At WSCA, we are first and foremost a school that seeks to put God at the center of all we do. Without God at the center of all we do, we will lose ultimate meaning very quickly. When we think about what happens in math class, on the soccer field, in our Christmas concerts, and at our art show, we are forced to realize God is only one who brings meaning to all these pursuits. God as our Creator defines our reality. He defines what is right, just, and true. His commands alone are the guide in our quest for knowledge. We pray you find God at the center of the beginning, the middle, and the end of this and every school year.


Paul M. Beardmore, M.A. History

Middle School and High School Principal