2017-18 Tuition & Fees


Tuition numbers reflect an all-inclusive tuition rate. This includes textbooks, Language Arts novels, technology fees, certain field trips, and physical education uniforms.  Throughout the school year, there are special student programs such as, but not limited to, student retreats, Winterim, overnight educational trips, and certain co-curricular activities, for which the costs are shared between the school and the family.

Please note, additional fees will apply for Upper School AP courses and Dual Enrollment courses.


West Shore Christian Academy is committed to making a WSCA Christian education available to families who share the school’s mission and vision.  We work hard to keep tuition rates as reasonable as possible, without sacrificing the quality of education our parents and students expect.  We want to provide the best teachers and the best educational experience possible for your son and daughter.  To help families with the cost of education, WSCA offers a payment plan, as well as a need-based financial aid program. 

A WSCA education is an education where faith and learning are integrated throughout a rigorous, college-preparatory curriculum. This is an investment in your child's future. It is also a serious financial commitment.  The following is an overview of our current offerings. Both the Admissions and Business Offices will work with your family to make WSCA attainable.


Financial aid is designed to assist qualifying families who have sacrificed to make Christian education a priority for their family.  Made available through the generous donations of alumni, parents, grandparents, friends of the school, and local businesses, the process for applying for aid is simple.  WSCA utilizes FACTS Grant and Aid Processing and the application can be done online.  Financial aid is based on a formula that looks at variables such as family size, income, and assets.  Detailed information on the financial aid procedure is available by clicking FINANCIAL AID or by contacting Christie Swartz for more information.

WSCA strives to build a financial partnership between your family and the school, and through our Admissions and Business Offices we offer financial planning for families. 


A 2% discount is applied if paid in full by July 1. Payment should be made directly to the school.

A monthly payment plan is also available for 12 months beginning in July.  Monthly tuition payments are paid electronically to FACTS, the school’s tuition management company.


Unpaid tuition beyond two months will result in the student being ineligible to attend school.

Report cards and official records will be withheld when tuition and other fees are overdue.

Students who leave the school for any reason will be charged tuition in full for each month attended (one-ninth tuition). A minimum of one month's tuition is charged for anyone who withdraws after August 1. Tuition for families enrolling after September 30 will be pro-rated.

Students will not be permitted to begin a new school year with the previous year's account unpaid.

Registration and re-enrollment fees are not refundable.

Tuition for 2017-18 School Year

Pre-K 3 (2 Day): $1,550 ($129.17 / mo)

Pre-K 4 (3 Day): $2,000 ($166.67 / mo)

Grades K-5: $6560 ($546.67 / mo)

Grades 6-8: $7225 ($602.08 / mo)

Grades 9-12: $7395 ($616.25 / mo)


non-refundable reenrollment fee of $75 is required for all returning students at the time of re-enrollment.

non-refundable enrollment fee of $150 is required for all new students at the time of enrollment.

Additional fees will apply for Upper School AP Courses and Dual Enrollment Courses.