International Student Policies


A West Shore Christian Academy diploma will be issued when students meet the graduation requirements of the school and successfully complete no less than their final two years at WSCA or their final year at the school and the previous year at an accredited American high school.

Health Insurance

Students will be required to have health insurance either from their family and home country or from the school.  Insurance from the school is purchased directly from Independent School Management. They can be reached at The information is under Insurance, Student Programs, International Students and then ISHA Enrollment. They may also be reached via phone at 1-302-656-4944.

Form I-20

I-20 forms are issued when a student is formally accepted.  Signature on the form commits the signer to the terms outlined in the document.

English Proficiency

All students must take the SLATE or TOEFL English proficiency test and submit the results with the student/family application.

Health Forms

Pennsylvania law requires that all students have the necessary immunizations and have filled out all the required health forms prior to enrollment.  West Shore Christian Academy will supply all the necessary forms.


Students are expected to be under the authority of the host parents.  This includes attending church and youth group with the family.  Failure to live under the authority of the host family may result in the student being dismissed from the school.

Host families will provide housing and meals (including holidays) for the academic school year only.  They will arrange for transportation to and from school and for any extracurricular activity sponsored by the school.  They will also attend any required school conferences involving their international student.


International students are eligible to participate in all WSCA activities, including but not limited to sports, drama, National Honor Society, student government, choir, and band.