WSCA Speakers win District Championship in Speech and Debate

Feb 8, 2017

Early Saturday February 5th, 2017, while the rest of the world slept in, WSCA students suited up and got in the vans to compete in speech and debate, AKA “Forensics” like they had done many times before this season. This time, however, it was off to Messiah College to battle it out for the district championship, and there was no messing around.

Strolling in 15 students-strong the other teams were clearly surprised that such a small school brought so many competitors. Little did they know that the real shock wasn’t coming until later that evening at awards where it was revealed that the smallest school in the district, WSCA, are now district champions against all schools in our area!

Not only did we manage to upset much larger schools like CV, Mechanicsburg, Red Land, Hershey, Boiling Springs and others, we did so in a landslide victory- winning top awards in nearly every single category.

In an astounding team effort, each member perfected their topics- putting in plenty of extra practices, rehearsal time, and coaching appointments to make sure they were well-prepared. With this outstanding victory, the entire team qualified for the state championship to be held at Bloomsberg University.

Examples of crucial victories include James Campbell and Sarah Behnke who had both missed recent tournaments and practice due to sickness. Sarah took first place in Poetry and James helped WSCA sweep Congress. Morgan Morrison is nearly unbeaten this entire season in congress and held strong for first place in our district as he preps for states. Grace Deputy handily defended her district title from last year- winning prose yet again. Micah Pepper improved from fourth last year as this year he got a perfect score in the first round of one-on-one debate and ended up taking second. Nothing could stop the indomitable team of Josh Lehigh and Reagan Werner from debating their way through seven other teams (14 other speakers) in their event to take first place without losing a single round. Kate Spaan, Ryan Gleason, and Josh Bowerman even threw together a last-minute parliamentary debate team to skirmish against defending state champions from another district just to get the team more points. Even the underclassmen came through in perfect form with Chris Lehigh taking first place in Commentary and Trevor Gleason taking first place in humorous with his performance called “I am going crazy” -which is exactly what the crowd did at the awards ceremony giving WSCA a standing ovation and many warm congratulations on our outstanding season.

Speech and debate is an amazing opportunity to get ahead in college acceptance, scholarship, and the team has a great time at these tournaments. Make sure you congratulate a team member today and find out more about joining the team so that we can make becoming district champions, and hopefully soon state champions, something of a tradition.