Justine Keener

Fourth Grade Teacher

"Every moment of every day is an opportunity to train students in the faith, as we have been called to do in Ephesians 4:11-12. Each lesson, whether it would be in academics, or in extracurricular activities and every moment in between, should be filled with biblical truth." 

Following the call to teach in a Christian school, Miss. Justine Keener is back at WSCA full time as the fourth grade teacher.  She is a familiar face on campus having completed her student teaching in first grade last fall and filling in as a substitute teacher at WSCA the remainder of the 2015/16 school year. 

Justine is a 2015 graduate of Lancaster Bible College where she received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biblical Studies. During her final semester she completed a student teaching experience in first grade at West Shore Christian Academy and in third grade at Leib Elementary in the Dover School District. She also completed a Practicum in third grade at Burrows Elementary, an Internship in fourth grade at Lititz Christian, and an Internship in first grade at John Beck Elementary. Justin holds a PA Instructional I Certificate (PreK - 4th grade) through the PA Department of Education, and an ACSI Standard Certification (K-8th grade) through the Association of Christian Schools International. 

Outside of the classroom, Justine has volunteered as a Camp Counselor for Camp Conquest and Christian School of York Summer Camp. She has also traveled to Belize twice on a mission trip. Justine attends Hope Grace Brethren Church in Dillsburg, PA. 

  • Miss Keener At a Glance:


  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Education, Lancaster Bible College
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biblical Studies, Lancaster Bible College
  • PA Instructional I Certification (PreK4) 
  • ACSI Standard Certification (K-8)

First Year at WSCA:

  • 2016

Professional Experience

  • Substitute Teacher at West Shore Christian Academy, Christian School of York, Dover Area School District, Northern York County School District
  • Student Teacher (3rd Grade), Leib Elementary
  • Student Teacher (1st Grade), West Shore Christian Academy
  • Practicum (3rd Grade), Burrows Elementary
  • Internship (4th Grade), Lititz Christian
  • Internship (1st Grade), John Beck Elementary

Volunteer Experience

  • Camp Counselor, Camp Conquest
  • Camp Counselor/Teacher, Christian School of York Academic Summer Camp
  • Mission Trip Member, Belize