Aubrie Weaver

Third Grade Teacher

Aubrie Weaver is a recent graduate of Messiah College where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education and a minor in TESOL. She completed her student teaching in second grade at Highland Elementary. In November, Aubrie began work with Dillsburg Elementary to complete a MyMath Research Study to determine how parents can influence their student's success. She currently works as a preschool teacher at U-Gro in Harrisburg and briefly worked last summer as a preschool teacher at Messiah College's Early Learning Center. She has a wide-range of field experience in both suburban and urban classrooms, where she had the opportunity to observe, teach, and assist in the development of differentiated lessons. Aubrie is excited to bring her faith into the classroom and "incorporate it into all areas of curriculum and life."

Aubrie's TESOL experience includes co-teaching English classes to Spanish speaking adults, and planning English lessons for native Indonesian speakers that was used as part of a Cross Cultural Trip to Indonesia. Aubrie currently attends Baughman Memorial United Methodist Church.

  • Aubrie Weaver at a Glace:


  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education, Messiah College
  • Minor in TESOL

First Year at WSCA:

  • 2016

Professional Experience

  • Student Teaching in 2nd Grade, Highland Elementary
  • Math Research Study in 3rd Grade, Dillsburg Elementary
  • Preschool Co-teacher, Early Learning Center